An artist really has only one job, to make clear the patterns, rhythms, and relationships of their society. For what reason? To help those who can read the artists language of icons, symbols and metaphors, to navigate their social and psychological landscape.

As the poet Ezra Pound noted, “artists are the antenna of the race”. It is the job of the artists within society to make visible those patterns of culture that constitute the framework of our established beliefs and ideas, and in those instances when those frameworks are revised and the patterns of culture change, the artists are the ones who explore and map the implications.

It is the job of the artists to mine for what is relevant, and to circle again and again the truths that light the way for the rest of society, anchoring perceptions to the important ideas that surface and resurface within the turbulent maelstrom of culture.

I am an artist who has taken up the commission to sift through the noise of culture, to listen for the subtle shifting of patterns, rhythms and relationships, for the purpose of bringing the power of social and cultural nuance to the attention of the conscious mind.

While it may sound like mysticism, or an esoteric proposition, art in pursuit of established and emerging patterns in reality is the opposite of  veiled and specialized knowledge. It is the establishment of social and cultural coherence and inclusion, the creation of touchstones accessible to all.

This blog is a platform for cultural research. An investigation into the paradigm that sets the pattern of the age in which we live. It is an attempt to push the language forward in order to refine our understanding of the world, to articulate more effectively our established notions of what is, and to better discern and anticipate the changes that promise to revolutionize our vision of what is and what is possible.

I will also be providing my commentary and assessment of what these patterns of culture mean, and how I think they should be assimilated. While I am not the final word, it is none the less necessary to put into context, the conclusions of artistic investigation and research. However, it’s up to every individual to choose for themselves whats important, and to work out the vision of probable emerging futures they consider best.

















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